‘#iwill’ Annual Review

Creative Cause | Print Design The #iwill Campaign 2015 Annual Review report was designed for step up to serve as a requirement to compile information from their work in 2015. The purpose of the report was to showcase their #iwill Campaign to featuring feedback and information from significant people, info-graphics and case studies from participants.

‘Early Careers’ White Paper

Creative Cause | Print Design A White Paper is a great way to showcase expert insight from a specialist field. The paper presents the top 9 youth recruitment themes for 2017, selected by the AiS team with insight directly from the frontline of youth/employer engagement in Scotland. See Project: behance.net/gallery/45883225/Early-Careers-2017-White-Paper

‘#iwill Ambassador’ Brochure V3

Creative Cause | Print Design Powerful evidence through case studies can be great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your organisation and its projects and programmes. Youth social action charity Step Up to Serve’s iWill Ambassador brochure is great example. See Project: issuu.com/creativecause/docs/step_up_to_serve_ambassador_brochure

‘Learning Resource’ Banks

Creative Cause | Print Design Carefully crafted educational resources for a niche audience need to look and feel the part and be easy to use for all concerned whist promoting interest and engagement. This huge resources project comprised 5 resource banks coving over 100 lesson plans for use with 16+ groups across the UK.

‘Apprenticeship Client’ Media Pack

Creative Cause | Print Design The Apprenticeships in Scotland Media Pack is a very effective tool that gives potential clients an insight into the services and packages that can be provided, it does this by not only giving statements and information, by by visually showcase previews of campaigns and listings. See Project: apprenticeshipsinscotland.com/Apprenticeships-in-Scotland-MediaPack.pdf