‘Apprenticeship Client’ Media Pack

Creative Cause | Print Design The Apprenticeships in Scotland Media Pack is a very effective tool that gives potential clients an insight into the services and packages that can be provided, it does this by not only giving statements and information, by by visually showcase previews of campaigns and listings. See Project: apprenticeshipsinscotland.com/Apprenticeships-in-Scotland-MediaPack.pdf

‘Career Studio’ Promo Flyer

Creative Cause | Print Design Promotional flyers are especially useful at events where there is a high level of footfall and the chance for people to take away a message or call to action. This flyer project was for a young audience and turned around the same day for some last minute PR. See Project: careerstudio.co.uk/Career-Studio-Brochure.pdf

‘Gratitude Day’ Pack

Creative Cause | Print Design The Gratitude Day Pack a tool used to give schools and teachers the opportunity to recognise, promote and celebrate gratitude within their school community. This pack includes ideas to help teachers and children take part in an inspirational Schools Gratitude Day.

‘Teaching Character Through Subjects’ Magazine

Creative Cause | Print Design This publication showcases suites of teaching materials that show how character virtues, prioritised by the Department for Education, such as honesty, integrity, resilience, community spirit, tolerance and conscientiousness can be ‘educated’ through 14 curriculum subjects. See Project: issuu.com/creativecause/docs/teaching_character_through_subjects

‘Inspired’ Magazine V6

Creative Cause | Print Design The content of the Inspired magazine is extracted from pupil’s posters and consists of quotations and reflections on inspirational figures and aspirations for the future. The ambition: to help as many young people as possible deepen their self-knowledge and self-awareness so that they are better equipped to set informed and ambitious [...]