‘Teaching Character Through Subjects’ Magazine


Creative Cause | Print Design This publication showcases suites of teaching materials that show how character virtues, prioritised by the Department for Education, such as honesty, integrity, resilience, community spirit, tolerance and conscientiousness can be ‘educated’ through 14 curriculum subjects. See Project: issuu.com/creativecause/docs/teaching_character_through_subjects

‘Inspired’ Magazine V6


Creative Cause | Print Design The content of the Inspired magazine is extracted from pupil’s posters and consists of quotations and reflections on inspirational figures and aspirations for the future. The ambition: to help as many young people as possible deepen their self-knowledge and self-awareness so that they are better equipped to set informed and ambitious [...]

Inspiring Purpose ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ Poster


Creative Cause | Print Design The Global Citizens in the Making poster is a character reflection tool. The aim of the Inspiring Purpose programme is to give you the opportunity to think about some of the things that make you who you are: your values, character strengths and who or what inspires you. Thinking about yourself [...]

‘ACE’ Flyer


Creative Cause | Print Design ACE is a not for profit membership organisation. It is a community for schools, organisations and individuals interested in character education to share expertise and practice. The flyer was designed to promote the website which supports schools, teachers and other educationalists to develop and promote character education responses that enable young [...]