‘Recruit An Apprentice’ Film

Creative Cause | Video Production The Apprenticeships in Scotland team required an info-graphic style promotional film for their ‘Recruit an Apprentice’ campaign. The film is used as a sales tool for employers and training providers giving an overview of the website and the ways the team could help. See Project: youtube.com/watch?v=WoTRDZVQ8u0

‘Coded By Apprentices’ Film

Creative Cause | Video Production The purpose of the film was to showcase the success of the young people and benefits to the organisations involved in the digital development apprenticeship programme. The final production was successful as we captured and edited the footage in a way that ensured the points being made came across clearly and [...]

‘Starting Out’ Film

Creative Cause | Web Solution Starting Out is a short film that case studies a small group of young people (16-24). It looks at how they feel character strengths play a part in the early stages of the work place and how thinking about character can help develop your career. See Project: youtube.com/watch?v=H-gh1JYAf4g